One of the Best Christmas Must Have Grapevine Recipe from God’s Own Country!

Homemade Grapevine

Being from an Orthodox Malayali Christian family, the first question I get from my friends during the Christmas season is about the homemade wine, the recipe, the process, the number of days, and the most common one being the easiest that’s do you sell it? one bottle pls… Till my marriage, I never knew the process, etc.… but I used to plead with mom or Grandma for wine bottles. But after marriage, my better half being from a different upbringing wanted to try this. That’s how my journey started with Wine Making.  

Both of us are real foodies and like to try anything traditional dishes from scratch so we did many trials & errors finally from big research with lots of elders in my family got this recipe. The traditional recipe was to keep the grape mixture for 41 days in ceramic jars. Christmas dinner, particularly among Kerala Catholics, isn’t finished without a glass of homemade sweet grape wine and a piece of plum cake.

In earlier days, the custom of making wine at home would start in October. However tropical Kerala doesn’t have the ideal climate for winemaking, it is a longstanding custom for Christmas. Nowadays, many rely upon locally acquired wines and Christmas cakes, however, a few of the traditional families still make wine at home.

These wines are exceptionally sweet, and frequently flavored, and have a place with the pastry wine class. Grapes aren’t grown in Kerala; however, winemakers can get Bangalore Blue or the commonly called Juice grapes from adjoining states in India for the best result. Customarily, wine is made in a pale earthy colored clay container called Cheena Bharani or essentially Bharani, which is a leftover of the old Indian Ocean exchange with China years before. Optionally the glass jars but definitely no metal or plastic vessels. Little caution over the clean utensils, cloth, wooden ladles, everything should be cleaned and patted dry and stored in a dry cool dark place.

Ceramic jars/ Bharani
Ceramic Jars/ Cheena Bharani


  • 1 Kg fresh sweet black grapes, washed and stalks removed and wiped dry completely
  • 1Kg or little lesser sugar according to your taste
  • 2 litres water, boiled and cooled to room temperature
  • ¼ cup wheat kernels
  • 7-8 cloves
  • 1-inch cinnamon stick- 5-6, crushed

Wine Making Process

1. Clean and dry the ceramic jar.

2. Crush the grapes thoroughly and put them in the jar in batches.

3. Then, at that point, add the sugar, water, wheat, and spices to the squashed grapes. Mix well, until the sugar is combined well into the grape mixture.

4. The grape mixture should fill just ¾ of the container. During fermentation carbon dioxide is formed and released. It is ideal to cover the container with a piece of clean white cloth and secure it with a piece of cloth. Keep it in a cool dark place to ferment.

5. For the first 21 days open the container preferably at the same time each day and mix the substance well utilizing a dry wooden spoon. At first, the squashed grapes would be drifting in the fluid, yet following a long time, these will start to settle at the lower part of the jars.

6. After a good 21 days, strain the fluid through a perfect white cloth into another dry container and dispose of the sediments. Save the wine in glass bottles for another 20 days, shut and keep it undisturbed for the residue to settle down.

7. Those bottles are so colorful and also give you the real happiness of making Non- alcoholic homemade grapevine for the Christmas season.

Christmas is sharing

Not just going back to our culture but also promoting the roadside sellers who believe in these festivals for their year-long living. Yes, it is easily available on many E-commerce websites but let’s do our bit of charity in this festive season. May you all get the joy and blessings of the season.

Merry Christmas!

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1 year ago

One bottle please!

Mini Balakrishnan
1 year ago

Thanks for the timely recipe! Was looking for one to try out. Great way to remind us of the lovely traditions too!!
Have a fabulous Christmas…

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