The Coolest organic healthy millet porridge known as Ragi Koozh in Tamil Nadu.

Ragi Koozh/ Finger millet porridge

Ragi is also known as finger millet is a rich powerhouse of calcium, protein, fiber, iron, and different minerals. I normally drink oats porridge or ragi porridge for my morning breakfast. Ragi generally is loaded with calcium and incredible for bone wellbeing. Being abundant in iron, ragi also benefits from further developing hemoglobin levels. Today let us figure out how to make Ragi koozh/keppai koozh following an age-old formula. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law as she prepares the best porridge or Koozh as we call it Tamil Nadu.

Ingredients for this healthy millet porridge

  • Ragi flour/Keppai Mavu – 1/2 cup
  • Cooked rice – 1/4 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Buttermilk as needed
  • Green chilli according to your Spice level
  • Small Onions for taste (optional)

Previous day Prep

Ragi flour gives its maximum health benefits when it is fermented so preparation is very important in this process. Blend ragi flour with sufficient water to a thin consistency. Leave it for 5-6 hours to ferment.

Direction to get the magical healthy porridge

Heat 1 1/2 cup of water in a clay pot with salt. At the point when water begins bubbling, decrease the stove to low and pour the ragi blend slowly, mixing continuously with a wooden ladle. This is done to stop the ragi to form lumps. Add cooked rice additionally to the blend.

Keep it on medium flame and cook blending consistently for 15-20 minutes or until the ragi thickens. Wet your fingers and roll the ragi + rice blend when it reaches bearable heat, if it is a little sticky, you need to cook for some more time. At the point when the blend doesn’t stick, it shows that it is completely cooked. Make small or handful balls as you wish. I prefer to consume it as Porridge.

For Ragi Porridge

Dissolve the required ragi ball in buttermilk, add salt, water, blend well and enjoy the traditional organic millet porridge. You can have small onions or pickles or mor milagai as a side dish for this.

To store the thick ragi balls, keep them in a bowl of water inside the fridge. It will remain consumable for 3 days. It is relished in Tamil Nadu as a miracle porridge powerhouse of calcium, protein, iron, and minerals. Very good for Women and girls in the growing stage as calcium deficiency is the major problem with this lifestyle. As it’s considered as a coolant for the body, take it considering the environment.

The real flavor is when we do these traditional dishes in the traditional vessels as well. Like this is normally made in clay pots cooked over the low flame. I prefer traditional vessels for different cuisines and the taste is just awesome at the same time very healthy. It is a bit difficult to maintain but precaution is better than cure.

There are lots of clay pot streetside vendors whom you can support or there are lots of websites that offer clay pots. Adding a few links

Also if you would like to know about my previous traditional recipe tap the link below for a delicious homemade grapevine recipe from Kerala.

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